Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday randoms...

I received my first order from Hautelook yesterday. The shipping was super fast but unfortunately living in Canada means you pay for it. I wish getting things from the US wasn't so darn expensive, or maybe it's good that it is...curbs my shopping a bit. ;)

Including in my box was this little treat...don't they know I'm watching calories?? Feels like it's coming from all sides sometimes...and yes, I did eat it (I threw out the coupon to buy more though). :S

 I got these great boots that were on sale for $23 (regularly $79). It's always risky ordering shoes online but this turned out to be ok. When I first put them on they felt a little tight but when I wore them out later they felt fine.

I picked up a couple of pillows and a throw for my bed. It wasn't adding a whole lot but I like the change. 

 I've become a little obsessed with hair masks lately, ever since the coconut hair mask I made on Pinspiration Friday, and I've been trying quite a few. This one was just ok for me. It smelled nice though and gave my hair a ton of body and volume.

Have you seen some of the fun new Essie polish colours? I'm loving the top three shown here...can't have too many polish colours right?

Some food for thought....

This weeks iTunes freebie...very upbeat and catchy.

See you tomorrow for Pinspiration Friday! :)

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