Thursday, January 31, 2013

A random Thursday post...

Yesterday's workout:

A.M Walked 6.5km pushing a stroller
Nothing in the evening, I gave my sore legs a break!
Total milage for the week so far: 29.5km

Usually I have an idea of what I'm going to talk/write about at least a day or two in advance but today is going to be random, a little bit from here and there.

First some new songs:

Gary Allan - Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain) - usually country can be really hit or miss for me but I love this song.
Classified - Anything Goes  - a good new one for running, some swearing.

And something I can't believe I never thought of myself.....line a bowl with aluminum foil, pour grease from whatever dish you are cooking inside, wait until it hardens and then roll it up and throw it away. So simple and mess free.

How about these fun new Valentines Day collars that just arrived from AddisonLogan, aren't they SO cute? Love them. :)

My very favourite slipper for the kiddies (and adults too!)? Definitely the ones from Padraig Cottage. They are so warm and cozy, and they tie onto the little ones feet which if you have children you know how nice that is.

Does anyone have a Nike FuelBand? I want one. It tracks all your daily activities, steps taken, calories burned and logs it for you. You can set goals for yourself and it makes sure you meet them. Also doubles as a watch. Cool hey?

Do you have a bucket list? Do you keep track in your head or have you put it down on paper or made a pinterest board? What are some things at the top of your list?

Here are a couple of mine:

And one day I want to attend the Kentucky Derby (and I will wear a fabulous hat. :) ).

And yes I would love to have the body I have never had.

So the important thing now is just to:

And on that note I just entered the Bazan Bay 5K. It's on Sunday March 10th in Sidney and I've run it before so I know the course is fast and flat. Who's with me?? Come on, 5K is easy, anyone can do it. :D

Happy Thursday!


  1. Can I buy time shares in your beach house????? (:

    Love the dog collars!