Thursday, March 21, 2013

Natural beauty products

I love the idea of natural beauty products, free of chemicals, toxins and a myriad of other things that are sending junk into our bodies while we are trying to take care of ourselves. The biggest problem with most of them I have found is that they just don't work as well. I want skin smoothing, hydrating, fine line minimizing products that actually do what they say. I want to get a glowy, dewy complexion and I want to do it naturally.

So I'm on a mission. I love products and I love researching so this mission is perfect for me. The first place I want to start is asking you, my readers, do you have any favourite natural beauty products that you love? Have you found something that really works? Something that is gentle on both the you and the environment and most importantly works?

I want to hear about it. Face care, body care, make up, hair care, please bring it here and share. 

Links, comments, reviews and suggestions are all welcome. Please post to the comments section so that we can all share.

I can't wait to see hear about your product loves! :)


  1. I have used coconut oil, vitamin e oil, and lavender essential oil to make my own skin lotion/makeup remover. It is fabulous, and makes my skin so soft! I also use a small amount on the end of my hair to moisturize dry ends... Another coconut oil recipe: coconut oil, brown sugar, and honey= the best (and yummiest!) lip scrub ever!

    1. Thank you for sharing Anonymous, I love coconut oil! :)

  2. I never used to wear makeup because I don't like the idea of putting chemically laden junk all over my skin. It's important to me that I ensure a natural lifestyle for myself and my family. At the same time, I wanted to feel beautiful too! My best friend introduced me to a line that is entirely naturally made as well as plant and mineral based. It scored perfectly on EWG and for good reason. More over, it is the best quality line I've ever used. So much so, that after I put on the mascara for the first time, I called Breanne and told her I wanted to share it too. The line is called Younique and if you're up for a good product review, I'll send you a few of my favorite items off the line.