Monday, March 4, 2013

Motivation Monday

Happy Happy Monday friends! It's another glorious day here, the sunshine always puts me in the very best of moods, not to mention when I got on my scale today I was down a total of 6lbs! I'm thrilled with that, that's been three pounds a week for the last two weeks and I'm more motivated than ever. My hard work and dedication is paying off. It can sometimes be hard to stick with it and my record is not so great. Usually I put in two weeks and then decide it's not worth it, I'm hungry, grumpy at my family because I'm in sugar withdrawal, and decide I'd rather have the instant gratification of some baked good or chips (my two worst downfalls) rather than the long term payoff of sticking it out. This time I feel like giving up is not an option, and it helps greatly that you are reading this because that makes me accountable, so thank you so much for that.

I don't know about you but weekends are definitely the hardest for me.

Chris is home from work, Ella is home from school, things are more relaxed and I usually don't do much in the way of exercise on the weekends because I'm just enjoying having my family together. The last couple of weekends I've either gotten on the treadmill or walked my usual 7km loop. I'm trying to get a good amount of exercise in every single day, either the 7km walk or running 5km on the treadmill. I don't run that fast on the treadmill but it's a good workout, and I'm building up to longer distances all the time.

Another thing that's helping me greatly is to have quick and easy access to snacks. I can go from 0 to starving in no time flat and when I get really hungry I just need something in my belly. I don't have the patience to cook something. That's where lots of cut up veggies come in.

This was my last Costco haul, and I'm ready to go back again. The sugar snap peas and the green beans...delish, they are my go to veg if I need to munch on something while I'm making my lunch or dinner. 

And this is always ringing in my head whenever I think of eating something I shouldn't or skipping my daily workout...

Now, I get having a cheat day, sometimes you just have to, but the hardest part for me is getting back to it. Usually having a cheat day turns into a cheat weekend, which turns into...what's the point I ate like a hog all weekend so I may as well just give up. A huge part of it is mental, and that would be the part I'm always fighting. If I really need help I try to look at clothes I really want, or even celebrities because they are always thin and wear great clothes. Pinterest can help, but I try to go straight to my motivation board before I get distracted by recipes. :S

One thing I'm thinking about trying out is yoga.

So then you know.... Chris and I can make out like this....

I haven't done a lot of yoga, although I did do prenatal yoga during both my pregnancies. I haven't done the hardcore stuff but I'm told it's great for leaning you out and tightening up your core (sign me up!).

Any any rate the most important thing is getting some kind of exercise, and making yourself sweat everyday...


Hope you got out to enjoy the sun today, if not I hope you still will. 

Here's to sunny days!

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  1. Miguel and I are reallllllly trying to eat healthier as well and I find pre-cut veggies in the fridge is a life saver! As well as healthy bran muffins etc. Also, I'm going to a yoga class tonight. I'll let you know how it goes ;)