Friday, March 29, 2013

Get in my belly!

Chris and I had the chance to do some foodie exploring while the kiddies were away with Grandma and Grandpa and one of the places we stopped in to see was Bon Macaron Patisserie in Victoria and I ever glad we did. This was my first experience having a macaron and 100% I will be repeating it.

The owner was very friendly and informative, telling us all about macarons and how they are made. A macaron consists of two almond meringues with a filling in between, and the filling possibilities are endless. He did mention the possibility of coming to our area one day and I will be hanging on to that hope.

Before I got a chance to snap this picture two were already gone, we definitely should have gotten 12 instead of 6. My personal favourite was the vanilla cheese cake, but only by a slim margin, the tiramisu followed closely at it heels.

Located at 1012 Broad St in Victoria I encourage you to stop by, you will not be disappointed. 

Another place we went to was Little Thai Place in Langford.

We kept it fairly simple and ordered Pad Thai. The meal came with Thai iced tea which is tea brewed in a pot, sweetened with brown sugar, cooled and served with a lot of cream.

I wasn't a fan of this drink. It was very sweet and I don't like really creamy drinks so only had a couple of sips.

The spring roll was excellent, great flavour, perfect crunch, tasty ingredients and most importantly was cooked in clean oil. Nothing ruins a deep fried product like cooking it in old or dirty oil.

 Next was Tom Ka Gai soup which was a coconut milk spicy/sour soup. I didn't find it particularly spicy but it was strong flavoured and quite tasty.

Next was the Pad Thai (we both chose prawn) and again, very tasty. My only complaint was that they left the tails on the prawns, I would prefer they had removed them.

Overall I would say the food was quite good. The restaurant itself was a bit awkward, our server seemed very unsure of herself (perhaps she was new?) and I had to squeeze myself around a stack of boxes and highchairs to get into the ladies washroom. I think I would probably try it again on another day to see if it was better as the food was worth another go.

And finally Chris and I did a little salt taste test at home. We already had the table and sea salt at home but picked up kosher salt on our last shopping trip, so we had three different kinds to test. My favourite was the sea salt, followed closely by the kosher and the table salt actually fell a bit short, Chris's observation was that it was almost bitter in comparison. 

What kind of salt do you use in your house? What kinds of salt have you tried? I would love to hear your observations.

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