Monday, January 28, 2013

Motivation Monday

Hello! It's Monday, the beginning of the week.....long slide to the weekend....the time when I need motivation the most. I'm back from a brisk 7km walk, showered, lunched and about to do my grocery list for the weeks meals. I've been pumping myself up all weekend to hit this week hard so I'm feeling pretty good. Today's motivational quotes come from the mind. The mental part of working out and eating right is always the hardest part. If my head is in the right space I can push myself really far, run just a little bit further, walk right by that cupcake, but if I am not committed or am feeling wishy washy....fogeddaboudit. It IS mind over matter.

Your brain will get you out the door when you don't want to go.

Make it a part of your daily routine. You can't move it around or's just something you do, everyday.

Don't let doubt creep in...I'm too fat/slow/old/busy/tired to run. Nonsense! You can do this.

Rid your mind of can't.....

The only one stopping you is YOU. Don't let that happen.

Now get out the door, you will be so glad you did. Nothing feels as good as that post workout feeling, the feeling where you're kind of tired but feel like you made a real accomplishment. Relish in it, you earned it!

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