Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday deals and steals

All is quiet (kind of) in the house and I'm taking a little me time to surf around and check things out on the net. I'm always up for a deal and I always love it when people pass deals on to me so that is exactly what I am doing for you. Here's what I found tonight:

Love this cuff wrap bracelet. It comes in cream, black, navy and grey and is only $10.60. If you are in the US than shipping is free, if you are in Canada than shipping is a flat rate of $5 so shop around a little and see if there is anything you like. 
Here's the link on the Cents of Style site: leather wrap bracelet

I also found these great shoes on the same site but they only have them in a size six or six and a half so if you are lucky enough to fit them than snap them up, only $20 and super cute.
Here's the link: Morty aztec canvas flat

Found this great bubble necklace (a copy of the J Crew style that retails for $174) on sale for only $19.99. It comes in a variety of colours too.
 Here's the link: Caroline G. — Jewelry

This scarf isn't on sale but I love the chevron print and I bet it feels so soft on being made of jersey. Comes in multiple colours, it's $25.

I recently found this fox pendant on eBay and had to buy it. It was not hard to convince myself considering it was only .99 (!). The shipping was about $8, but still, for $9 total I have this great statement pendant and I love fox things.
Want one for yourself? Here's the link:  Lady's Fox CZ Rhinestone Charm Necklace 

That's it for the deals but I have a couple other things to share. My very sweet sister in law got my the Bedhead Curlipops reverse conical curling wand for Christmas this year and I LOVE it, I mean really love it. It gives me beautiful waves that really really last on my hard to curl hair. I'm talking all day long with just the smallest amount of hairspray to set it. If you are looking for a new way to curl your don't walk to get yourself one of these. They get freaking hot so make sure and wear the glove that comes with it. It is so easy to touch your finger to that smoking hot wand when you are wrapping your hair around the barrel...seriously..wear the glove. You will love this wand.

And guess what my's official, I have my first pair of glasses. I don't need them all the time but my eyes get tired at night and I have trouble reading things that are far away, like the Netflixs menu on the TV. They are taking some adjusting to but so far so good.

And speaking of I the only one who hasn't been watching The Vampire Diaries?? Just started the first season and I'll admit it...I'm kind of addicted. I love Netflixs for that...all three seasons to go through. :)

I know I have been posting lots of recipes and baking etc lately and while it's been fun and really rewarding, not to mention downright delicious.....when my sister in law stopped in for a visit on Friday she asked how the baking and weight loss were working together. Yeah. They're not. Really need to knuckle down and get back to the healthy eating and regularly exercising. It's not Christmas more excuses. I just need to find a way to cut the fat in the baking, either that or suddenly grow an iron will...we both know that's not going to happen. So I accept the challenge! Baking, but with lower calorie counts.

Ok, I had better go and read another chapter of Black Beauty to Ella since she doesn't appear to be going to sleep, and then it's time for a little more Vampire Diaries. 

See you tomorrow!

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