Friday, January 25, 2013

Pinspiration Friday

I pinned a great look from The Beauty Department quite awhile back on Pinterest and have been meaning to try it out ever since. I happened to be in Wal Mart yesterday when I remembered said pin and so picked up the Sharpie markers that I needed.

Here is the final look:

And here's how to do it:

 Wal Mart didn't sell the different colours separately so I got the three pack of gold, silver and bronze. The three of them were only just over $4 so I was fine to bring all three home. When not being used as nail pens they are great for invitations, decorating etc..

I chose a grey polish by Gosh (Shoppers Drug Mart's home brand) and the gold sharpie.

Apply a base coat and two coats of your colour polish.

Draw whatever design you wish. FYI, this is a lot harder than it looks, at least it is when you are drawing with your weak hand.

I had to do my right hand twice. According to the pinterest pin you could remove the sharpie marker with rubbing alcohol, but I didn't find this to be the case. It made no difference. I had to wait until the marker was dry and then just rub it off. 
Once you are happy with your design, wait until the marker is dry and apply a top coat overtop. Don't skip this step or the marker will just come right off.
If you are really ambidextrous or if you have someone who can draw on your nails for you than there is no end to the designs you can do. The sharpie has quite a sharp point so that makes drawing easy. I did Ella's nails at the same time as mine and did little hearts on each nail (so fun for Valentines Day). You could even do a design on just one finger for a pretty accent nail.

If you decide to try it out please share pics, it's fun to see the designs people come up with and we could all use a little more (p)inspiration. :)

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