Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wheat free day four

I got on the scale this morning...down another pound baby, that makes eight in total! Just three more to go until I'm back to summer weight and then start working on the long term stuff. To me it feels harder to chip away on the weight that's been there longer, like it's stuck on versus floating around on your body. I know weird, but it's sort of how I think. Probably because when you first put your mind to losing weight the first couple of lbs usually come off pretty easily, mostly because it's water weight. Although I don't think I was carrying around eight pounds of water weight so that had to be a little of the stuck on stuff. ;)

This was today's lunch: rice crackers with peanut butter (seriously so good, something about the flavour of the rice crackers with the peanut butter...yummy), leftover rotisserie chicken from dinner last night, sugar snap peas (got a huge bag of them for a good price and all pre washed and ready to eat at Wal Mart) and a mandarin orange (yay Christmas!). Washed down with a glass of water of course. It tasted great after coming home from my 7.5km walk this morning, where again, just missed the rain. In fact, it started out beautiful and sunny this morning, but in typical west coast fashion it's now raining.

I always find hair inspiration on Pinterest, as I just can't seem to come up with cute ideas on my own. I love the idea of the upside down french braid into a bun. Very easy as long as you can french braid and super cute. What's not easy? Taking a picture of the back of your head. Took a lot of pics before I got this one....
 I think when I try this one again I'll take smaller sections of hair into the braid so it gives it more detail.

Got this great polish fairly recently. It's Nicole by OPI Di-Vine is Divine. I love the rich deep purple colour, great for fall and the holidays.

And a little weight loss/getting fit inspiration...this is so true:

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