Thursday, November 22, 2012

The food journey continues and a Christmas special for a great cause

As you probably know from previous posts I love potatoes, and I'll take them anyway I can have them. Most ways are pretty high fat so I was determined to figure out a way to have mashed potatoes without all the butter and milk. This turned out so good that I don't think I'll go back, really...they were that good.
All measurements are approx and you can tweak them however you like:

2lbs of baby red potatoes
2/3c of low fat plain yogurt
2 green onions finely chopped
1/4c fresh parsley finely chopped
1-2 tablespoons of butter softened
1/2- 3/4tsp of salt
fresh cracked pepper

Wash and cut the potatoes up so they are about 1-2in in size, some only needed to be cut in half, others needed to be quartered. Steam potatoes for 18-20min, checking with a fork to test if they are done.
While potatoes are cooking take a large bowl and combine all other ingredients. Once potatoes are done  add them to the bowl and and stir everything together and lightly mash the potatoes with your stirring spoon. That's all there is to it and they are so good and so creamy. We had them with steamed broccoli and steak. A very filling and delicious meal.

Today's lunch, tons of veggies along with the last of the leftover rotisserie chicken and a bit of avocado for the good fat. Yes I added a little salad dressing, but just a little. ;)

I don't know if it's just because I'm feeling so determined but I'm actually not finding cutting the wheat out to be all that difficult. I'm eating minimal grains and starches and keeping the sugar to just a tsp in my tea, I feel very good. I'm also walking every morning (6.75km today) so I'm sure that's helping me feel good too. Tonight will be my first day back to running.....Kathleen, I apologize in advance if my wheezing and panting around the track is distracting!

MyFight is having a great Christmas special that I wanted to make sure and tell you about, 40% and free shipping on orders over $50, a great deal, so now is the time to order. Their tag as you can see is "Buy something that matters", and in this case when you buy a shirt you are directly funding micro loans in third world countries. More about microfinance here: MyFight | In Business to End Poverty

I've talked about MyFight before and here is the shirt I ordered:

And a few other designs I like:

This is a great cause and I hope you'll support it by buying a shirt (or three!). A note on sizing, the shirts fit small so order a size larger than you normally would.

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