Thursday, November 29, 2012

First 10lbs goal: Met!

Yesterday I was feeling really bitchy, there is just no other way around it.... "f" bombs going off inside my head all over the place. Nothing was working out in my day, I was totally frustrated about not being able to move any more weight and I felt like I had been working really hard for nothing. I was also dying for chocolate/sugar and I totally succumbed. By the time I was done I had probably eaten close to a cup of these bad boys.....

They were so tasty but eating them only made me feel worse, both from an icky tummy and crazy guilt. What I should have been doing is remembering this little nugget: 

I did end up feeling so bad that I jumped on the treadmill at eight o'clock last night and put in 45min, of which half an hour was straight running. I've never been able to run that long before so I must be getting in shape. I felt WAY better when I was done, both from the sense of accomplishment and the endorphins.
This morning I stepped on the scale and boom! 10lbs lost. I was naked and it was before breakfast but I'll take it. Finally budged another pound and met my first goal. Today I feel great. I can't wait for the next 10!

I get Lululemon emails in my inbox all the time and is it weird that I've become obsessed with this touque?

I love it but I can't bring myself to spend $58 on a touque....can I?

Off to go Christmas shopping today and hitting the track to run tonight!

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