Friday, November 30, 2012

OOTD....kind of, my favourite lip colour and running!

As you might know from yesterday's post I headed out to go Christmas shopping yesterday, and I don't know about you but I kind of tend to shop for myself at the same time..haha.

This was yesterday's OOTD. I know, not very exciting and the shoes are not exactly fashionable but the weather was wet and nasty and they worked well for that.

Top: Joe Fresh - these are a new addition and come in a few different colours. I also really liked the white but it was sold out in my size. $16
Stretchy tank: Bootlegger - yes I'm obsessed with this mustard colour. It goes with anything!
Jeans: Warehouse One
Shoes: The North Face
Bracelets: George

I tried on a few different tops at The Gap:
I love the colour of the orange one so much I almost bought it just for that reason but it kind of clung to my "mummy tummy" and I'm very conscious of that.
And much as I love stripes on other people...on me....just no, especially with the wide open neckline, not flattering.

This top looked totally cute on the rack, but it fit so weird, like a potato sack...just hung there, all heavy and lumpy......and expensive...because it was the only one not on sale.

You have probably heard of buyers remorse before, usually it means buying something and then being unhappy with it and wishing you hadn't been impulsive. With me it's usually the other way around. I tell myself to be good and then go home and obsess, and wish I HAD bought it. Like the orange shirt above, I love it. Maybe I could just suck in all the time?

My moto boot search continues. How cute are these ones from Guess? I love them and they were on sale at The Bay too, $100, regularly $140. Unfortunately when I tried then on it was like strapping a block of wood to my foot. Not comfortable and they were also just a smidge on the tight side so I couldn't have fit an insole in there either. Darn!

Had to snap this great pic of the clock in the middle of the festive! Are you excited about Christmas?

I thought I would share my favourite everyday lip colour. It's the perfect finish to pull a look together when you want something pretty but not too bright. It really is the colour I use everyday. It's better than a gloss as it lasts longer and isn't sticky at all, but still stays fairly neutral like a gloss would. It's also the perfect compliment to a smokey eye.
It's Maybelline Colorsensational Born With It and the number is 015.

Running continues to go well. I went to the track again last night and this time brought my Garmin with me to see how far I was actually running and it turns out it was 7.3km, not just over 6 like I thought it was. I don't run the whole way, I'll be building up to that but I feel like I'm coming along quickly. One thing I have been working on is slowing down a bit. I tend to want to go too quickly and then I can't breathe. When you can't breathe it just feels like it's too darn hard and you want to quit. If I go slow and steady I can do it (tortoise and the hare anyone?), and when I do it...what a sense of accomplishment!

Speaking of accomplishments....I'm thinking of entering the VIRA - Vancouver Island Runners Association race series. It's eight races total (one is a half marathon..yikes!) and if I enter by the end of today I get the early bird deal of $120 ($15 per race). There is no doubt this would be a huge challenge. Am I up for it? Anyone want to do this with me? I know I have a few Vancouver Island readers on here....yes I'm looking at you...the one in the corner who won't make eye contact...
I think running the race series would be a great bucket list goal, so who's with me?

To keep you motivated and moving here's my current running list:

Classified - Inner Ninja feat. David Myles - I LOVE this song, it's my current favourite, running or not, a great tune.
TiĆ«sto vs. Diplo ft. Busta Rhymes - C'mon (Catch 'Em By Surprise) - this has been on my workout list forever, it always makes me dig deep.
Some Nights - FUN - I don't seem to get tired of this song, a great anthem type of song, reminds me of Queen.
 Bruno Mars - Marry You - another feel good happy running tune.
99 PROBLEMS  Jay Z - Explicit 

Peace out!


  1. Loking Great Mariah ! Can totally notice the weight loss ! Keep it up !

  2. I LOVE that orange on you! Did you end up getting it? Also, what is with "potato sack sweaters" this season? I've tried on my fair share as well.. they look great on the rack, but that's were it stops! : ( I guess they were designed for androgynous, 6' something, nordic amazons.. sigh.

    Pretty sure we should get matching running jackets with that quote on in it! Love! See you on monday, keep up the good work!! ; )


    1. I love it too! I didn't get it but you're going to laugh....when Chris called to tell me he was on his way home from work and just going by the mall (way convenient) I asked him to pop in and grab it, so it's on it's way to me as we speak! It makes me all the more determined to get rid of the "mummy tummy", so yes, for sure see you on Monday. ;)