Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Some new products

 I love having my nails polished. I think it just brings your whole look together. It does take a commitment to have them looking good all the time, I usually have to remove and repolish every three or four days. Nothing looks worse than chipped old polish so if you aren't going to repolish please at least remove it before it gets to that point, bare nails are much better than chipped.

I got this new colour from Essie called Ballet Slippers. A really soft and pretty colour that goes with anything and looks clean and tidy. It does take a bit of work to build the colour so that it doesn't look streaky, I have three coats on in the pic below. 

Another new product I picked up just last night is Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. This product has been on all the beauty guru's blogs and YouTube channels for awhile now so it was overdue for me to try it out. Today is only my second time wearing it but I really like it. The colour I got is called Honey and is a nice neutral "your lips but better" kind of shade. It's kind of like a jumbo crayon that you can twist up or down for more or less product. It has a nice minty scent and it very hydrating, especially for a stain which can typically be quite drying. The glossy shine does eventually wear off but the colour remains for quite awhile which is very nice. I usually use glosses and Revlon's lip butters (I'm a big fan of Revlon for lip products) on my lips and neither are very long wearing so this is a nice change.

I'm continuing on with my clean eating and exercising. Today's morning walk was absolutely gorgeous with a little fog thrown in just to make it feel very fall. 
I am very thankful that I have a walking partner because even though I am feeling very motivated it would still be easy to put my morning walk off until later which more often than not turns into not at all. Having someone to meet in the morning and knowing she is counting on me to show up guarantee's that I will get out the door.

It's just too darn easy to think about how tired you are, or how you really should be getting other things done (my list is always looming in the background)...

Ultimately you have to remember that it's important to put that time aside for you, getting exercise and some fresh air makes the rest of the day go so much smoother. I always feel much more energized and find I get more accomplished on the days that I exercise than on the days that I don't even though I have less time.

Speaking of getting things accomplished......I'll see you tomorrow! :)


  1. I'll have to try out that stain, your lips looks great!

    1. I've found that the colour tends to get darker over time...something to keep in mind. :)