Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The gluten free change has begun

  I took the plunge, without really even thinking about it. I had wanted to give myself some time to prepare, do some reading, get the right food in my house etc... but sometimes the time is just right. It started on Sunday when Chris was making a delicious brunch with home made waffles piled high with whipped cream, but because he knew I had been talking about making this change he made me my own breakfast. He put together some scrambled eggs and a little potato hash with sliced avocado and tomatoes on the side (isn't he the best??). It was delicious and I didn't even miss the waffles even though they were being eaten right in front of me. That was the push I needed to just do it. I'm on day three today. I haven't had any cravings, it has been more about adjusting my thinking. Instead of having a granola bar as a snack, or a piece of bread with peanut butter I have to think of alternatives. I have actually been almost totally grain/carb free, other than some rice crackers that I have been enjoying. This has been my lunch the last two days:

I'm cutting the sugar right down too, although there was some in this yogurt. Other than that I have only been having sugar in my tea.

Sorry about the quality of the photo below. I took the pic, uploaded it to Instagram (follow me @braebrook) and then deleted it off my phone. So this is a picture of my computer screen.

I'm feeling incredibly inspired right now, the trick of course is maintaining that...success is assured if I can do it....and I will.

I finally remembered my Garmin when I went on my walk this morning. There are two ways I can go and I always let Marshall choose, today he picked the way that goes through town and it ended up being 6.75km, and I walked it in 1hr and 5min. We finished just as it started to rain and by the time we were home it was pouring, we would have been soaked!

A few new(old) tunes:

The Black Keys - Everlasting Light - I love The Black Keys and even though this is an old song I hadn't heard it before. Love it.
The Black Keys - I'll Be Your Man - another old song that I hadn't heard, love it too.
Kings of Leon-On Call - really like Kings of Leon, another oldie I hadn't heard.
Kings of Leon - Fans - same story
Lee Brice - Hard to Love  - a country tune and a new artist, love it!


  1. I've been trying coconut oil and MCT oil which, combined with low carbs and 'good' eating, provides the healthy fat to keep you fuller and more energetic. Google it :)