Friday, November 23, 2012

OOTD and running!

 I love this outfit of the day, so toasty warm and very fall/winter. The best part? The only thing that's new are the leggings. I love putting together nice outfits from clothes I already have, and it's much easier on the budget too. The sweater is so old I can't even remember when I got it.

Sweater: Joe Fresh
Stretchy tank: Bootlegger - love this mustard colour!
Jean skirt: one5one - from Winners, I wore it a lot this summer
Leggings: Knowing Me from Wal Mart - they are thick so not see through but a tad shiny which I'm not a fan of.
Boots: Bamboo from Winners
Necklace: cameo from my mother
Bracelet: Wal Mart
Nail Polish: Nicole by OPI - Di-Vine is Divine

I also tried a fun braided hairstyle, this one is a side french braid into a low bun. It's just a simple french braid down the side of your head, continue braiding as a regular braid for a little bit near the bottom but not to the very end of the strand. Gather all your hair up and put into a low ponytail, but on the last pull through only pull through about half way. Then arrange the hair around into a bun with bobby pins, leaving a few wispy strands to go where they may.

So last night was my first time back running in a long time and it went really well. My friend Kathleen and I met up at a local Sportsplex to run on the lighted track. I loved running there as it's a safe place to go in the dark because of all the lights and there were several people running/ walking on the track as well as three or four kids soccer teams practicing in all the different lit up fields. Much better than running down a street in the dark, that always makes me nervous. I usually take a dog in that situation but still....
We ended up running around the track 16 times in a little under an hour, actually we alternated, one lap walking and one lap running. It worked out to just over 6km. Combine that with the 7km walk in the morning and it was a good day for exercise. Down another pound this morning....nine in total.
Now we are heading into the weekend, and that is where eating usually changes and becomes more relaxed. I'm determined to stay on the wheat free course though, as well as low calorie, this weight needs to go!

What do you have planned for the weekend?