Monday, July 30, 2012

A couple more deals

 I love to pass on good deals when I find them because let's face it, finding something you love AND saving money on it is the best!

Costco has these great hoodies from Tuff Athletics on for the most excellent price of $19.99 and they come in a ton of different colours. I bought two and I love them. I haven't really been able to wear them all that much yet because it's been too hot(contrary to what you are seeing in the background of these pics! A cloud came a long and blocked out the sun just as we went to take them) but I will be wearing them a lot come fall. I'm sure they will be long gone by then so I'm glad I found them now.
 I'm tall (5'9) and often have trouble getting shirts, sweaters etc that are long enough both in the torso and in the arms, but these ones are great. They are nicely fitted and as you can kind of see in the picture of my back they have thumb hole loops in the sleeves. 
They are very well made, come in many different colours and are only $19.99 so they get a big thumbs up from me. If you don't have a Costco membership find someone who does and check these bad boys out, I don't think you will be disappointed.

Aussie hair products are on sale right now at London Drugs, all products are only $2.99. I love the 3 Minute Miracle, this is a great product. You can almost feel your hair melt into super soft and smooth when you put it on. It has the classic Aussie grape smell (hello 90's!) but you can't really smell it once you have rinsed it out.
I also really like the Aussome Volume hairspray. It smells great and holds really well without looking flaky.
The Sprunch spray I got quite awhile ago and it's supposed to give you this nice beachy hair, but I just think it makes it feel crunchy and look unhealthy. This ones a pass for me.

And since I'm talking about deals, if you are in the area than you might want to check out Thrifty's to pick up some ice cream from Island Farms for $4.99 and Wal Mart for watermelon at only $3.97 for a whole one. Just as a side note I was having the worst luck finding good watermelon this year, it was either over ripe or pale pink and had no flavour. Wal Mart watermelon has been consistently good for me so that's where I have been buying them (plus they're stinkin' cheap!).

If you see any good deals on products you love please let me know and I will pass them on to this blog (or just take advantage of them myself ;) ).


  1. LOVE those hoodies! I really, really need to get a costco card. I haven't bothered because with just the two of us I didn't think all that, well bulk everything, was necessary - but I want that sweater! haha

    Ok Mariah, now I'm caught up on my reading - post some more so I can catch up on the happenings in your life :)

    1. I love the hoodies too and a Costco card is worth it just for the clothes, books and magazines!
      I got so behind on posting so it's just as well you were behind on reading..haha. I'm back now. ;)