Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Monday!

 Good morning friends! Another gorgeous sunny day here in the Cowichan Valley. I've been thinking a lot lately about what a great life I have and how I'm so very thankful for it. I have a wonderful, supportive, loving and fun family(both immediate and extended), I love where I live(this house and property more than meets our feels like our own private oasis, the perfect place for the kiddies to grow up), everyone I love is healthy and happy and the world is at my fingertips. Which leads me to my Monday morning words of wisdom:

This canvas sits on the dresser in my bedroom and is a very encouraging way to wake up every morning. Never put limits on yourself. 
 Have you ever heard of Fauja Singh? He is one man who never limited himself and is now the oldest man on record to have run a marathon. Can you guess his age??? 100! Isn't that amazing?? Proof that age is nothing but a number. His secret to a long and happy life?? "Be stress free, grateful for everything you have, stay away from people who are negative, stay smiling and keep running". He credits ginger curry, tea and "being happy" for his stamina into old age. What a positive guy! You can read more about him here: World’s oldest marathon runner completes Toronto race at age 100

 Now I have to tell you about this great new magnetic polish from Sally Hansen. How cool is this:

It's really easy too. Here is the polish bottle:

Just remove the top from the bottle:

Can you see the magnet? 

All you do is put on a coat of polish, let it dry. Once it's dry you put on a fairly thick second coat and hold the magnet lid over your nail for 10 seconds. Repeat on all fingers, that's it! And you get these super funky wavy nails.

You can read more here as well as see the different colours: Sally Hansen | Magnetic Nail Color. I got it for about $9 at Wal Mart. I only put it on last night so I'm not sure about staying power but I'll keep you posted.

Off to the beach with the kiddies today, hope you're having a great day wherever you are. :)
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  1. Love the nail polish! Super cool :) but more importantly, I love the inspiration. Thanks Mariah!