Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The wildlife in our backyard and an OOTD

 Considering we live only about 3-5min from just about everything we are really lucky to have such a private and secluded property. With that property comes a huge variety of wildlife which has been really fun to watch.

We almost never see deer and I'm actually really glad of that as the last place we lived was rotten with them and they are incredibly destructive to the plant life. I couldn't plant anything without it being eaten to the ground by the next morning. I found that out the hard way not long after we had moved there when I worked hard all day long putting in a beautiful rose garden only to have it destroyed in the night. There was very little they wouldn't eat so I pretty much just quit planting anything. Anyway, I digress.....
 This deer did show up in our backyard and Ella promptly named him Walter(where does this girl come up with her names?), but we haven't seen him since.

We also have a beautiful pair of Northern Goshawks living in our backyard, and according to the people we bought the place from they come back to nest year after year. Having them around keeps the birds from eating the cherries off of the cherry tree(score!) so we have had loads of cherries to eat lately.
You can hear their baby screaming to be fed in the mornings and we have seen them a couple of times flying low across the ground after a rabbit. The rabbit has just narrowly escaped both times and they hop around on the ground where he disappeared hoping he will come back out again but nothin' doin'!

There are also a couple of garter snakes living in our rock landscaping. One is a great big fat brown one(who I don't have a picture of) and then this one that isn't as hefty. 

Ella is nervous of them (I can sympathize!) and Marshall is oblivious to them(that honey badger don't care!).

The smaller one did leave behind it's skin(I suspect that's why I was able to take the above picture..still tired from shedding) and you have to check this out. Even the eyes shed...isn't that amazing??

So other than lots of birds and rabbits that pretty much covers our current wild animal population here. Always lots to see. 

Now time for outfit of the day(OOTD). I had a fun day on Sunday lunching and shopping with my Mom and two of my sisters as a bit of birthday fun for my Mom. I was fairly well behaved overall, which is hard when you like to shop. This top was one of my purchases:

Top: Suzy Shier 
Shorts: Winners - one5one
Flip flips: George from Wal Mart
Bracelet: Hello Berry

Not sure what's up with the exposure in these pics but I look super pale. I swear I have gotten quite a bit of colour with the sun we have been having and the last two or three days of overcast weather hasn't faded my tan that fast!

And a quick pic of Ella and I. :)

Ella's dress is from Old Navy.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. The eyes on that snake skin are so amazing! I had no idea they shed EVERYTHING.

    Cute top :)

    1. Neither did I! Isn't that so cool?!