Thursday, July 19, 2012

I love summer

 Isn't summer just the best? The sun, heat, outdoor activities, fresh produce, BBQ's, beach time, day trips to all sorts of exciting places, I could seriously go on and on, I love this time of year. Clearly I'm a sun bunny and living on the "wet" coast sometimes takes it's toll, dampening the spirits as well as the ground. When summer finally rolls around I take full advantage and spend as much time outside as I can soaking up my daily dose of vitamin D.

I played a lot of badminton as a kid and it was always so much fun so it has been something we have been enjoying here in the evenings as Ella learns to play. She isn't quite ready for the net yet but she is definitely getting better.

Our cherry tree is in full production right now and this little haul that Ella is carrying came from just a couple of branches. I have to head out there tonight for a serious picking before they get over ripe.

This little garter snake who we have dubbed "Sneaky Snake" from the Tom T. Hall kids song lives in our rock landscaping and comes out regularly to sun himself. Ella is nervous about him (I can sympathize!) and Marshall is oblivious.

Who can resist that sweet little mug!

 Spending so much time outside has led to lots of yard work getting done and I am thrilled to be crossing things off my list left right and center. I moved 20 wheelbarrow loads of gravel yesterday(the day had been overcast but the sun finally made an appearance just as I started - Murphy's Law right??) so that required an Advil along with my morning cup of tea, but the gravel pile is half the size now.

We are just finishing up breakfast here and then we are off to Victoria to check out the Dinosaur exhibit at the BC Museum. Pics and blog post to come!


  1. I wheel barreled about 10 loads of rocks the last couple of days so I can sympathize :S

    1. Doesn't it feel good to get it done though!?

    2. Oh for sure! Now onto wheel barreling topsoil... oh reno's :)