Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Green thumb?

Apparently I decided yesterday that I have a green thumb...time will tell......

I have always wanted an orchid. I think they are so beautiful and as long as they are happy they just keep blooming. The trick is keeping them happy which I have heard can be hard to do...hopefully I am up to the challenge. The instructions that came with the plant include how to water it which is to put three ice cubes on the moss in the pot approx every two weeks. The strangest watering instructions I have heard but if that's the key to orchid success I will be following them. Isn't it lovely?

There are some great sales going on in the garden centre of Canadian Tire right now so if you get a chance to stop by hopefully you will have the same luck that I did. These great big hanging baskets are on sale for $14. I have been looking for hanging baskets for awhile and everywhere I could find them they looked pretty dismal..all shriveled up and dying. These ones have been well taken care of and still have lots of life in them. I ended up getting three to line my deck.


There were also hanging baskets of cherry tomatoes that were loaded with tomatoes, they were on sale for $12 so we will be having lots of these little gems in our salads.

I got a ton of work done this weekend, but still had a little time to play too. ;) How about you?

A couple songs for you:
Flo Rida ft. RedFoo - Run - I love Flo Rida for exercising

And one last thing, I can't remember if I have ever mentioned Burning Love on this blog before but it's a spoof that Ben Stiller has created about shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. It is REALLY funny. They just aired the final episode so you can watch it right through. Each episode is about 10min. Enjoy!


  1. I was given an orchid 6 weeks ago and have watered it once since. My directions said dampen the moss every two weeks. We'll see how it goes - so beautiful! Good luck with yours :)

    Great deal on the flower pots!

    1. I sure hope I can keep this one going, it's gorgeous!