Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mother/daughter fun

Being a girl is fun. :) The clothes, jewelry, make up and hair give you so many options to play and experiment with. Ella loves being a girl and loves shopping, having her nails polished, wearing her jewelry and having her hair done (make up has to wait, although I do allow her to play with lip gloss). Yesterday we made a trip into Shawnigan Lake for Ella's second ever professional hair cut. Her hair was slow to come in as a baby so I performed a few "cuts"(more like wisp removal) at home until she went for her first salon visit at age three. She hasn't been for another visit since then as we have just been letting it grow. Part of the fun of having a hair cut is the whole salon experience(I love it too!) so she was very excited to go.
 Lucy, owner and stylist extraordinaire of Thrixx Salon  has been doing my hair for years and was wonderful with Ella, chatting with her and asking her what she would like done. This was about Ella and what she wanted to do. After tidying up the ends and taking just a bit of length off Ella picked her favourite colour tinsel to be fastened into her hair(so fun) and finished the visit with a lollipop.

We finished our girly evening with an after dinner ice cream run. I really love being able to share these experiences with Ella. My baby girl. I sure love her.

I did some work on the blog last night (actually at 4am because that is when Marshall decided it might be a good time to greet the dawn and then didn't want to go back to bed until 6am) and I have managed to change the comments section so that anyone can comment now, not just people with Google accounts. I had been getting some feedback about that but it's changed now and I also added the option to follow this blog(you can see it on the right hand side about half way down) with Google friends connect. I think you have to have a Google account for that but it's a nice way to follow along. There is also the email option(top right hand corner) too.

Off to enjoy the sun!


  1. Girlie days with Ella sound like so much fun! I can't wait to have her over for a sleep over sometime soon ;)