Friday, July 13, 2012

Quick OOTD

Hi folks! Just a quick update with an OOTD. I wish the pics were just a little bit sharper but that is a risk you take when your photographer is five years old. I have to continually tell her to stop taking pictures. I think she likes the sound of the repeated click click click of the camera. Makes me feel like I'm being chased by the paparazzi (yeah right...).

Both tops: Old Navy. The plaid on top was $24.99 and the white t underneath was $8. Both still available.
Shorts: Winners, the brand is Seven
Flip flops: Old Navy from a few years ago
Sunglasses: Nine West
Necklace: Old from an eBay store
Bracelets: EllaMarsh EllaMarsh on Etsy

Ella took a picture of me as I was putting away the bench she stands on to take

Did you get a chance to take advantage of Starbucks free Refresher drink today? It's a new drink they are rolling out and they were handing them out free between 12 and 3pm. I had the lime/mint flavoured one. It was really good, kind of tasted like a virgin mojito, and as promised...very refreshing on a day like today.


So tonight's dinner is going to be bad, I already know it...smokies on the BBQ, potato salad(new potato, not the heavy mayo kind), corn on the cob, greek salad and a few chips. So not bad tasting, just bad for any kind of weight loss program. I'll enjoy every bite on this Fun Friday. You have to indulge sometimes. I may even have a cocktail. I love summer. :)
Have a good one!


  1. 7 jeans?! Thank you Winners! I love that store :)
    You look great, I'm digging coloured denim these days

    1. I know right!? I love that store too and the shorts fit awesome! I love coloured denim and actually bought some dark pink skinny jeans awhile back but ended taking them back. The world isn't quite ready for me in