Monday, July 23, 2012

Dinosaur exhibit at the Royal BC Museum

 This is a little late being posted but boy did we have fun checking out the Dinosaurs at the  Royal BC Museum. We usually check out most special exhibitions when we can as the museum always does such a good job and there is lots to see. It's harder to do with little kids because you don't get to read every little write up but you do get the main gist of each exhibit and the kids love it.

This big guy was at the front entrance and there were lots of tourists taking pictures around him.

The front entrance where you can see some people taking pictures of their friends under the dinosaur.

The T Rex skeleton. This was really big and most impressive.

This skeleton looks like his neck just ends but the head is actually just looking directly at me. There were lots of people around this one taking pictures so it was hard to get a pic without anyone in it.

And one of my favourites, this guy has been at the museum for as long as I can remember. They have a gentle breeze blowing on him so his hair moves slightly and there is a recording playing in the background so it sounds like he is making noise.

We didn't go into the rest of the museum as the hour we spent looking at dinos was enough for Marshall and it was time to go. We ended our Victoria trip by going for a walk along Dallas rd which is a lovely long walking path beside the ocean. It was a glorious day and the ocean smelled wonderful. Then it was a quick trip to Tim Hortons for coffee(me) and timbits(kids) before going home.
I definitely recommend you check out the exhibit if you get a chance. Hope you had a great weekend, I have more posts to come soon!

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