Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Canine and Equine Decor

Two weeks? TWO WEEKS?! Eeep! I honestly don't know how that time slipped by without a blog post, I'm so sorry. Even though it is gorgeous and sunny out my kiddies are happily ensconced on the couch watching a show so I can get this update done. We will be off to the beach right after so it's not a bad trade off. 

I have been recently inspired by some things I have been seeing on Pinterest to continue on with my canine/equine house decor. Because that is where my true passion lies it makes sense that it would transfer itself into my home decor as well. There is a very specific type of decor I want and it seems to be hard to find. A lot of the pins I have been finding have certain elements I like, but not the whole picture over all. If you want to follow my decor board on pinterest you can find it here: Canine and Equine decor

In my mind I envision a combination of traditional and modern style, sort of upper class old money, brandy and cigars, gentlemens hunting... I hope you kind of get the idea. It's hard to describe what's in my head. I don't want anything cowboy horsey or old west looking, more english style.

I have a few bronzes I have collected that I just love. The first one is this horse head which I found on eBay and had it shipped all the way from England. It was actually quite reasonable, after converting pounds to dollars and paying shipping it was still under $50 and is quite a good size. I love eBay for finding great deals, and things you might not find otherwise.


Next is this Doberman bronze that I got from  Danny Quest Designs . Dannyquest has the most amazing sculptures and you can usually find something for just about any budget.

My beagle is also from Dannyquest.

I found this great Ducks Unlimited metal sign at Cobble Hill Fine Furnishings. This store has some really unique things and I stop in there every few months to see what's new.

I have to apologize for the photos of the prints I have on the walls. It is so hard to get a picture without a reflection or flash but I wanted to show you a little bit anyway.
 All three prints are eBay finds. This first one is a great foxhunting scene. I loved this one when I found it. It seems to be hard to find just the right scene but this one I liked very much.

Beagle print

This print is of Wing Commander, one of the greatest Saddlebred sires of all time. You can read more about him here: Wing Commander

These are a few random pictures from my bookshelf. I LOVE this beagle sculpture and bought it from someone who was selling it on Facebook. I have no idea who the artist is or where it came from but if anyone knows please tell me as I would love to know and see if I can find more pieces by them. The beer mug in the background was won by my Doberman Lexi and I when we were obedience trialing and the ribbon is from the Centennial Doberman National specialty that I recently attended. The black and white picture in the background is of my first two Dobermans Lexi and London.

This antique fox hunting horn was a find from a local antique store, the ribbons are a just a couple that have been won by my dogs.

This wood carved duck was also a find from an antique store and is made from ebony which is what they make the black piano keys from as well. The show photo in the background is me finishing my first homebred Doberman champion and the print that you can just barely see and has yet to be framed was another eBay find called "Patience".

I love these style of lamps, Tiffany style I believe, and this one hangs above my kitchen table. My mother in law has recently replaced a couple of hers with some more modern fixtures and is passing them on to us. I can't wait, as I have the perfect places for them.

I won this pillow at the Doberman National raffle. It can be hard to find good dog pieces, especially when you are as picky as I am and know what a good one should look like.

This last picture I took with my phone when I was at Wal Mart last night. I just love these little trunks and think one of the bottom two would look really good in my house. I just need to figure out where I would put it. What do you think?

I'm always looking for ideas, websites, stores etc to help with my decorating so please let me know in the comments section if you have any suggestions.


  1. All of a sudden you have all this home decor! :) you've told me about that style for awhile, but it seems like its starting to come together! Also I may have a Tiffany ceiling light fixture for you :)

    1. It's coming slowly but surely. I have lots of ideas, just need to put them into motion. A light fixture?? Do tell! :)