Monday, August 20, 2012

OOTD and some shoes, make up and other girly things.....

Yesterday was a little cooler than the last couple of weeks have been (it's been crazy hot around here) so I opted to wear something other than shorts and even had my shoulders covered. This was a nice comfy outfit to wear on a day out with my husband. The kiddies are with Grandpa and Grandma for a few days (this house is SO quiet) so Chris and I have just been enjoying each others company and being able to take off at a moments notice (no packing snacks, toys, making sure everyone has all their gear and has gone for a potty break and then getting everyone in and out of the vehicle at every stop). We enjoyed dinner out at Original Joes (I had the dragon boat lettuce wraps and they were delicious!) and then went and saw The Bourne Legacy, which was good but not great. I was hoping for something really great as I love the story and really like the actors but I would give it a 6 or 7 out of 10.

Anyway, back to the OOTD.....

The top is an old one from Winners, I think I got it in the spring.
Jeans are also old and they are from Warehouse One. They are full length, I just rolled them up.
Shoes are Roxy Lido Shoes and I believe the colour is Army. I've seen these shoes in several stores, although I got mine a few months ago when Spring was going out of business in Nanaimo.
Bag is MMS and was a Winners find from the spring.
Necklace is a cameo from my mother
Bracelet is from Hello Berry

Looking at these pictures motivates me to get back into running again. It's easy to let things go when you are on summer holidays with the kids and living the more relaxed life (and eating relaxed too) but I need to get some weight off. Once Ella goes back to school in a couple of weeks and we are back into a real routine again it will make a big difference.

I went on a bit of a flat buying binge today with great success. These first ones I just love and I found them at Winners. They are Liz Claiborne and I saw them in a few different sizes. I also saw them unpacking several boxes of boots, just as a heads up for you. 

These next ones were on clearance at Shoe Warehouse and are Joy and Peace brand.

These last ones are by Roxy and I also got them at Shoe Warehouse. I have been wanting a pair of leopard print flats and I thought these ones were pretty cute. They are covered in faux hair which is kind of fun.

All three of these shoes will be great into the fall, and flats are always comfy to wear.

I only made one purchase while in Victoria yesterday and it was one I had been looking forward to. The new Smoked Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay which I picked up from Sephora. It comes with a black eye pencil in Perversion and UD's primer potion, as well as the Smoked booklet which shows you how to do 12 different smokey eyes with the shadows in the palette.

I love the case, it just zips open and closed.

I didn't swatch the first two colours but I did the rest. The first three are mushroom, backdoor and blackout and along the bottom of my arm is barlust, rockstar, evidence, loaded and asphalt.

I had a bit of fun experimenting with the palette last night, trying out a smokey eye before I washed my face for bed. The pigment is really good and easy to build on. The more you add the more intense the colour gets. The eye pencil is very creamy and has very good staying power for a pencil, it's actually a little hard to blend. I think it wants to be a liquid liner. The primer I already had and it works great, gives your shadow real staying power.
The palette is quite expensive (which is why I'm eating ramen noodles for lunch today) but I really like the colours and I know I'll get a lot of use out of it.
Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Look at all your cute flats! I love them and actually tried on those grey ones at winners on Sunday :)

    1. I love them all, and they are great fall colours that will go with just about everything. :)