Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fall clothes and other random things...

 Today's OOTD is super casual, so casual in fact that it looks like I should have ironed this shirt but in fact I did not. Weird, I usually iron everything I wear (ahem...)....

Top: DKNY - I really like a lot of the DKNY clothes and have quite a few of them but my biggest complaint would be that they lose their shape easily. This shirt is also a little big on me now (yay!) so that doesn't help with keeping shape.
Jeans: Warehouse one - really old, I don't know if they even carry this style anymore
Shoes:  Sanuk Kyoto style - this particular style is a mens shoes and are super comfy, like wearing slippers.
Necklace - birthday present
Bracelets - Wal Mart

So what is on your list for fall clothing? Do you have some ideas in your head of what pieces you want to add to your collection? I definitely know what I would like, it's the narrowing it down that's the hard part..haha. 
The first thing I really wanted was leopard print flats which if you have been following along with this blog than you know I found these babies Pyper Shoes - Roxy. They are really comfy and cute, almost feel like you don't have anything on your feet at all.

The next thing on my list is a military style jacket. I tried this one on when I was at Mountain Equipment Co - Op and I think it's cute but with a price tag of $155 it stayed there. This girl shops on a budget!

I did find this one online that I'm thinking of ordering as it looks perfect. My only concern is that I won't get a lot of wear out of it because it looks pretty light weight. It's super cute though, love the embellishments and the fact that it nips in at the waist (always flattering). Here is the link: Helluva Punch Utility Jacket

The next thing on my list is a nautical style striped top. I found this one online at the Gap and will be checking it out in store to see how it looks on. Here is the link: Striped button-shoulder T 

Next is a navy blazer, and I also found this one online at the Gap. Blazers are great as they can be worn dressed up or down and always make you look pulled together. Here is the link: Ponte academy blazer

Next on the list is boyfriend jeans and a white tailored blouse like these two I found on Pinterest.

Now onto footwear. As mentioned above I have my flats, so now it's boots. I really want a pair of motorcycle style boots. I have found quite a few that are way out of my price range, and then I also found these Roxy boots that are much more in my price range and also looks very cute and comfortable. Love 'em! Here's the link: Biscayne Boots 

I also wanted some full height riding style boots and I found these ones at Winners. You remember I told you in a previous post that they were unpacking boxes of boots when I was there? Well I went back the next day and picked up these lovelies. The fit perfectly and will go great with leggings, skinny jeans, and pencil skirts. I can't wait to wear them!

So that is pretty much my fall essentials list. Add to that a couple of big chunky sweaters, leggings, scarves and some skinny jeans and I'm set! What's on your list? Please comment below and share.

 Now for the random parts of the blog....

I found this saying on Pinterest and just loved it so had to share. Remember it always ladies...

Have you ever had fruit ale? I know, not something I would have normally chosen but when we went out to dinner last night we were able to try it out thanks to our friends. The last time we got together we indulged in the fruit wine from Coastal Black Estate Winery which was a big hit so we carried on with our fruity exploration but this time in the form of ale. Big hit, it was so yummy. All the way from England this brewery carries several fruit beers and I plan to try more of them. Here's the link: Organic Cherry Fruit Beer

So now that summer is coming to a close (nothing solidifies that like sending the kiddies back to school) I am in the midst of figuring out my schedule again after living virtually schedule free the last couple of months. I'm trying to work in all of Ella's after school activities so they don't conflict, setting up Marshall with some preschool activities and also trying to get my self back on track as far as eating healthy and exercising regularly.

I'm back to having morning smoothies which I love...

I'm also planning on getting out to hit the trails five mornings a week with Marshall in tow (actually, in a stroller), starting with power walking and then moving on to running again. Must get this body back in shape!

How about you? Are you feeling the change in the air? Planning out a new schedule?


  1. Definitely feeling the change in the weather! It's actually inspired me to get out walking too. I LOVE the fall....for the weather and the clothes. : )

    1. The change in temp makes walking when you're pregnant so much nicer so I'm sure you're all over And yes, fall clothes are awesome!

    2. I love the colours of fall - both in the changing leaves and the clothing! I love greens, oranges and browns so fall is my favorite clothing season. On my list of must have fall wear?? I need some high brown boots! I really like the ones you snagged from winners - will have to check them out. I also want to wear a lot more leggings this year :)

    3. Oh! And by the way, I love both your hair and that colour purple on you in the OOTD :)

    4. Thanks doll! Did you find some boots?

    5. Not yet, but I haven't had a chance to look at very many stores. I'm still hopeful ;)