Friday, August 17, 2012

OOTD and some products I have been enjoying lately

 I haven't done an outfit of the day for a little while so I thought I would take some photos of todays. I also thought I would post pretty much all the pictures that were taken because they are kind of funny and you can laugh at my awkwardness. Clearly I'm not used to being in front of the camera.

The first three aren't so bad and are the ones I would have used anyway.

And then....what happened?? Jazz hands? Really? Moving on....

What could I be thinking about while I gaze into the distance???

So relaxed, just showing off my football player broad shoulders....

Then inside to try to get a self portrait...why so serious Mariah?

Haha...good times. If you can't laugh at yourself right? ;)

Top: Winners - found this one in the juniors section actually. Only $9.99 and perfect for the scorching heat we have been having.
Shorts: Winners again, I've had these for awhile so you've seen them a couple of times.
Wedges: B.O.C.
Necklace: gift from mother in law several years ago
Bracelets: the cuff is from Wal Mart and the double pearls are EllaMarsh 
Headband is from BIC Bands - Skinny Sparkle Gunmetal. Love these, they do NOT move once they are in.

I have been trying out a few new products here and there. The first one is this Cocoa Radiant lotion from Vaseline. It smells very summery (Ella loves it) like a tanning lotion and is very rich. If you've used the Body Shop Body Butter creams than you will know how this feels. It's quite thick and takes awhile to soak in but is very hydrating.

Next is this Lasting Finish foundation from Rimmel. I usually use MAC but I have gotten enough summer colour that my MAC was too light so I needed to find something new. I decided to see what I could find in the drugstore because it's always nice to save a buck or two if you can find something comparable. Normally I am not a Rimmel fan(have had several make up fails from them) but I really like this foundation. It has good coverage without feeling heavy, lasts all day and Wal Mart even has testers! The hardest part about getting drugstore foundation is not being able to try it first so I was thrilled to see they had testers. It was about $9, much cheaper than my MAC stuff which is closer to $40. I highly recommend! My colour as you can see is 303 True Nude.

Next is this Root Boost spray from TIGI Catwalk. This is a professional product and I really like it. You just spray it into your roots, blow dry and you get some pretty good volume. I love big hair. :)

Then last but certainly not least is this great colour polish called Miss Mintie from GOSH cosmetics (Shoppers Drug Mart home brand). I'm loving the mint these days.

This polish has been on my toes quite awhile so you can see the start of some chipping but I wanted to show you the colour anyway.

Hope you are having a great summer, we are loving ours! The weather has been amazing so we have been hitting the beach. :)

I've barely been checking out new music lately so not much to list here but here are a couple that have been stuck in my head the last couple days:

Vanessa Amorosi: Mr Mysterious  - this is an older song. I can't seem to find it on iTunes. :(

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  1. I enjoy these blogs of yours. Cute, funny, sassy, honest, good natured and helpful. Thanks for posting....

  2. I love that you put the goofy pics up too but I really, really love your hair! You look great!