Monday, April 23, 2012

The perfect bun

I know, I know..two posts in one day, you must be so amazed. ;)
I had to share the perfect bun secret. First I'll show you some pictures:
From the front.....



The finished look....and check out that bracelet! I wonder where it's from....... ;)

The secret to the perfect bun comes from a little store called Sally Beauty Supply. Overall this store is just ok, a little low end but with a few things that you can't find other places except real beauty supply stores. One of the things I found there was for making perfect buns. It's a round mesh type thing that looks kind of like a pot scrubber. It comes in all different colours for different colours of hair and you just thread your ponytail through it and then arrange your hair around it with bobby pins. Finish with a little hairspray for fly aways and you're done. It's seriously easy and only takes about five minutes to do. It's gives you a much bigger and fuller bun than if you used your own hair, and it keeps the bun even in size all the way around. And it's only about $5.
So that's the secret, enjoy! :)


  1. I wonder if you can get it anywhere else...hmm...worth looking into ;)

  2. I haven't seen it anywhere yet but I'll keep my eyes peeled and post it if I do.