Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A little rant....

Good Morning!
This is the weather that greeted me this morning:
It didn't really stick around and we had a good bit of rain but when I wake up to that it gives me so much hope.
I went and poked around at Superstore today to see what they had in the way of kids clothes as both Ella and Marshall are in need of some new pajamas and they both ALWAYS need socks(I swear they just disappear into the universe somewhere). Can I just say how much I hate Superstore.....there is nothing about that store I like and it just took one little visit today to remind me of that. I hadn't been there in months and for good starts with the fact that I always seem to get a bum know the kind with the one wheel wobbling all over the place? I think maybe that's all they have there since it always seems to happen, and what really chaps me is that I have to pay for it! Who carries cash anymore? I had to dig around in my purse for awhile to find a looney before I could even take my crippled cart in the store. Once inside, the colour(BRIGHT yellow) of the store is jarring(who was in charge of design anyway??) and every employee working there seems to be miserable(maybe because they have to look at that awful yellow all day long??) and when I'm finally done I have to wait in a long line up to pay for my grocery bags and then pack them myself! I can't believe anyone would go to Superstore when there is a Wal Mart nearby.
Ok, enough of my rant. I did find pj's and socks for the kids and the brown coloured elastics I was wanting for myself. I also picked up this great new Essie polish. Mint green is very in right now and I really like this colour, it's called Turquoise & Caicos.

Essie polish isn't nearly as good as OPI(tends to be thin and runny, and quite often needs a good three coats) but this one sucked me in. :)
I think I might head to my beloved Wal Mart tonight to pick up some Easter stuff for a fun hunt for the kiddies when we visit family this Friday. I saw a necklace there on my last visit that I really liked and I think I might pick it up too.....
A couple of fun links for you:
Have you seen these new glasses Google is working on?? Amazing! Project Glass: One day...
And they have made a remake of the movie Total Recall, looks good: TOTAL RECALL - Official Trailer


  1. I HATE Superstore - it is pretty much the bane of my existence. On top of all of your complaints, what about the hum of their florescent lights?! It could just be my local store, but they are they loudest I've ever heard!
    Also....Total Recall looks awesome, other than Jessica Biel and those glasses?! Can you imagine?!?

  2. You're right! The lights are What an awful store. :S