Saturday, April 28, 2012

Farmer's market, iPhone app and music

 We had decided to check out the farmer's market this morning, but when we got up the plan was almost derailed by the weather. The market just isn't fun in the rain, but just when we decided to stay home(and I was contemplating going back to bed with a book) the rain stopped so we quickly packed up and headed out the door. We hadn't been browsing long when Chris got a call for work so it was a quick trip, but fun to get out. We hadn't been to the market since last year and it's growing all the time. I'm sure once the weather picks up a little further into the season it will be even bigger.
 I downloaded another app(free, yay!) for my phone called Picture Frames. Here's a little sample of how it works courtesy of our market visit:

 I used Instagram to enhance the pictures(the above effect is called Early bird...hence the sort of 60's photo feel) and then put the three photos together. I think it turned out great, love this app!

 I also thought I would share some different music from my playlist that you probably haven't heard before.

The Bird and The Bee - My Love - this one is easy and mellow, kinda sweet with a happy beat.

The next two are french(keep an open mind!!) and are really catchy and fun.

Rachid Taha Tékitoi  - has a middle eastern beat

Camille - Ta Douleur  - my recommendation would be to walk away and listen to the song and not watch the video. It's weird and will ruin the song for you.

 Let me know what you think. :)


  1. Soooo.... I feel like the worst biggest fan ever! I was accused of missing a post and sadly you were right! I missed all these songs! I'm all caught up now and enjoyed listening to them :) My favorite was Ta Douleur

    1. You will always be the biggest fan honey! ;)