Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just your typical Thursday

After dropping Ella off at school and doing all the doggy chores, which by the way has become quite difficult as Marshall has decided he doesn't want me to leave him alone for a second and throws a fit when I have to leave the room, I decided to try out my new polish. Looks very Eastery don't you think?
Once my nails were dry enough we headed outside to enjoy the sunshine. Today's weather was great, mostly sunny with a few overcast rain though and for a spring day in BC I'm going to call that a big success. I'm not sure what kind of weather we are supposed to have for the long weekend but I hope it includes more of the sunny warm stuff.
Look at my little bean enjoying being outside....isn't he adorable? Actually, he was hitting me with a little branch and thought it was hilarious..made for a good photo op...haha.

He is definitely in need of a hair cut. Chris tells me he looks like Kevin Spacey.....and he's got some thin patches on top where his hair is slow growing in which completes the look nicely.
The afternoon brought another swimming lesson for Ella. Here's a pic of her group all holding on to each other in their life jackets as they prepare to head to the deep end. Ella loved it, and yelled across the pool to me about how awesome she was doing. She got lots of thumbs up from me. I love that she is so confident. :)

Are you feeling the need for some serious fitness motivation? Check out the bio on Dean Karnazes: Dean Karnazes . I'm reading his book right now called Ultra-Marathon Man. Endurance runners always amaze and motivate me. They push themselves to the limit. Can you imagine running for 350 miles straight with no break, skipping sleep for three nights?? Unbelievable. Our bodies are capable of so much, it's only our minds that are stopping us.

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  1. Love the nail polish....and the comment about your Kevin Spacey look alike haha Not true at all of course, but made for a laugh :)