Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A couple of new jewelry pieces and some BIG NEWS!

 The Blogger people have changed how photos are uploaded so I wanted to share the big news first but it will be at the end instead. I'll figure it out!

The first couple of photos are the last two jewelry pieces I have made. The bracelet has a stretch cord in it so no need for a clasp or toggle and the black and silver can go with just about anything.

 The necklace is in a colour I love. I wore it yesterday with a brown v neck top and it looked great. I particularly like the pendant.

And the really big news?? Ella lost her first tooth yesterday!! She was biting into a pepper and out it popped, easy peasy, no working on it for days which was nice for her. I thought it would go a little longer, but apparently I was wrong. She was thrilled to show me when I picked her up from school. The school gives out little tiny treasure chests to kids who lose their teeth at school so they have something to bring it home in. On our way home from school yesterday we made a trip to Tim Horton's to pick up Ella's three free timbits for her part in cleaning up during Earth Day(the guy at the till was so nice and threw in an extra timbit for Marshall). Ella had insisted on taking her treasure box with her into Tim's and when we got back to the van and everyone was buckled in I walked around to get into my side of the van only to open the door to a little girl with tears streaming down her face and crying that she had lost her treasure box. I told her it was ok and that I would retrace our steps to find it. I didn't have to go far because as I turned to head back into Tim's I saw a little blue box crushed by a car tire lying on the pavement. My heart sank, but I walked over, said "please" under my breath and lifted the biggest piece of what was left of the box and there lay a little tiny white tooth. Phew! Ella was happily wiping away her tears when I got back and we decided not to carry it around as we ran the rest of our errands.
 When it came time to go to sleep Ella was out like a light, she wanted that Tooth Fairy to come! I polished a toonie with sparkle nail polish for the fairy dust and wrote this little note to go along with it. She came crawling into our bed at six o clock this morning with her note and toonie, absolutely thrilled that the Tooth Fairy had come. She melts my heart. :)

I'm off to clean the house and do laundry before picking Ella and her friend Abby up from school. There is an early dismissal today so they get to have a good play before Ella goes off to gymnastics.
Thought I would share my new favourite song before I go. I just love it, pretty much puts into words how I feel these days. Hope it puts a smile on your face. :)


  1. Ugh! I've had a tough day at work and came home to a disaster with a missing wall and 2 fridges in the middle of my kitchen (gotta love renos!) - that song helped chill me. Thanks!
    Also, LOVE the note from the tooth fairy - the sparkly toonie is a nice touch :)

  2. Glad I could brighten your day!! :D