Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Chris got me some beautiful tulips for Easter and here's a picture of Marshall giving them a cute. :)
Our Easter was so wonderful. Chris had Friday off so we took full advantage of the long weekend and joined my side of the family in Courtenay for a yummy dinner and lots of catch up chatting. I love seeing everyone and never want to leave at the end of the day(neither does Ella! lol). After dinner we had a quick Easter egg hunt for the kiddies and then headed for home. Both kids managed to stay awake for the entire drive home and then a quick bath and into bed.
On Saturday we spent lots of time outside enjoying the sun, playing soccer and running around. That always make for tired kiddies which is nice when you are putting them to bed at night. ;)
Sunday the kids woke up to an Easter egg hunt(Ella was so excited about the Easter bunny coming during the night) and even Marshall did a fairly good job finding eggs. The hunt was followed by a home made waffle breakfast with bacon, a few chores and we went off to the Forest Discovery Centre for their Easter Eggstravaganza. While I don't know if you could call it an extravaganza as there really wasn't much going on in the way of Easter stuff we did have a good time. Ella and I did the scavenger hunt together which ended with getting a little goodie bag and it was fun to see all the little museum like set ups from the Forest industry many years ago. We also got to ride on the train which was a good time.
Here's a little pic of Ella and I just before the train started moving:

Tomorrow Chris is back to work but the kids and I are meeting some friends at Butterfly World in Victoria to check out the parrots, flamingos, plants and of course butterflies. :) If Marshall can handle it the plan is to head to the mall to do a little shopping for clothes for my sister's upcoming wedding(so exciting!). Wish us luck!

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  1. Boy you seem like a busy girl ! :) Wish I could tag along (shopping in Victoria?!? Yes please!)