Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Comfort food

You know what else is fun to do on a lazy Sunday? Polish toes. :) Here are Ella's wee little feet with her favourite polish. I decided on a bright pink, so now we are both ready for Summer(in our minds....).
Ella has no after school activities on Monday's so it has turned into the perfect day to grocery shop and make a more time consuming dinner. Pot roast is one of Chris's favourites, complete with yorkshire pudding. It isn't a particularly difficult meal to make but it does take a lot of time so I can't leave the house for a few hours when I'm making it. It usually results in a big kitchen mess too so those two things add up to it being a bad idea on any day when we are coming in the door right at dinner time.
I admit, this dinner is one of my favourites too. Who can resist comfort food? Mashed potatoes(which I think pretty much belong with any meal...must be the Irish in me), yorkshire pudding, a roast done with a perfect bark on the outside(you know what I'm talking about..that perfect crust on the outside..mmmmmm) and all covered in a delicious gravy made in the roast pot with potato water and roast drippings.

Yeah I know, super low calorie, but trust me, last night I just didn't care...so worth it. Today...I'm afraid to get on the scale..... I think there's a reason I'm so "cuddly". :P
I've been reading Chelsea Handler's book Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, but had to give it up...way too raunchy. I can handle some, in the name of funny, but this one just went too far. So last night I started The Hunger Games. Chris read it first and really enjoyed it and we are planning to see the movie so it seemed an obvious choice. I'm a few chapters in and so far so good.
Back on the treadmill today...here's another great running song: Pitbull - Pause

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  1. Mmmmm pot roast :) LOVE mashed potatoes and gravy