Friday, April 13, 2012

Clothing and products and randoms oh my!

Eek! I haven't written a post since Tuesday! Sorry, got a little behind there. I had a little reminder from one of my fans that I was getting behind(ok, so it was my sister, but still, I have a fan!).
Glorious sunny day today and the blossoms are really starting to come out. Victoria was a couple of weeks ahead of us as always but we are fast catching up. Isn't this beautiful??
I have been seriously enjoying some retail therapy lately so that means I have lots to share. :P Here is a pic of my latest make up finds:

The polish is Nicole by OPI in Next CEO. This is a great goldy shimmery colour and ever since I put it on my fingernails Ella has been asking for it on her nails too. Next is a Revlon lip gloss in Coral Reef. I was a little unsure about how orange it was but it's growing on me. The pic below shows me wearing it...thoughts? Next is another lip gloss from Annabelle called Gasp. This gloss is very slick and non sticky, whereas the Revlon gloss has just a little more stick, but not too much(which I hate). I think the Annabelle stuff needs to be reapplied a lot because it slips off so easily. Next is Maybelline's new creme shadow called Colour Tattoo in Bold Gold. I tried it today(also in the below photo, but mixed with some other colours) and it hasn't really creased yet. I always use a shadow primer, but creme shadows usually crease fairly easily. And last but definitely not least Revlon's new gel liner in Charcoal. I have never used a gel liner before and I am a total convert. This stuff is awesome and stays put all day.

I've also done a little clothes shopping lately and I must say, I think I might be a Winners convert. I used to really hate that store, and you really have to have a lot of time to shop there and be ready to dig but there are so good deals to be had. I got this cute sweater for Ella there(doesn't she look like a little model??):

I also got some new shoes for summer(these wedges are pretty high, make me just a little taller than Chris):
And new shoes for my sister's wedding next weekend(!!!):

I also got a couple of DKNY shirts. I haven't really had many Donna Karan clothes, but I love these two and will be looking for more.
Ella and I have really been enjoying our morning smoothies, isn't she just so adorable!?

Ok, Granny Wendy just arrived. More later! :)

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  1. I <3 Winners! ;) I also love that picture of you. The coral isn't too orange at all, looks light and summery.