Thursday, July 25, 2013

Yard work

Today is day three in a row of serious yard work. It all started with a few photos posted to Facebook of a friends beautiful garden...and that was just the push I needed. Things were starting to get pretty overgrown around here and of course the longer you put things off the bigger the job gets which makes it all the more daunting. Getting started is always the hardest part, but once you do things just seem to roll along.

Our property is a fairly good size at just over two acres so there is always something to be done, and just like with housework it seems like the more you do the more there is to do. You know when you're tidying your bedroom for example and it turns into a total closet overhaul, or you're dusting your bookshelf and a little rearranging turns into changing everything from top to bottom or cleaning your kitchen turns into pulling everything out of the drawers to give everything a really good wipe down? That's what this yard work project has turned into and I've just been hopping around the yard from one place to the next, weeding, trimming, planting, hauling, sweeping, raking and clearing my way through it.

I can't even tell you how many of these wheelbarrow (yes there is a wheelbarrow under there) loads of weeds I've taken out....I really can't...I've lost count. 

This is so gratifying though...makes it all worth while.

The local nursery has some good sales on right now for both annuals and perennials so I packed the kiddies up for a short trip down the road and took advantage.

By the time we left I had picked up several geraniums, bee balm, two beautiful award winning hybrid coneflowers and lots of crocosmia (lucifer - a personal favourite). I think for the most part my choices are relatively deer resistant (fingers crossed!). My thumb has never been particularly green but my mother is a die hard gardener and I think some plant knowledge must have sunk in through osmosis.

I've only taken photos of a small amount of what I've done (lest you think it's taken me three days to do two little areas), and there is still much more yet to do so will try to take more photos as I go.

I envision my yard looking like this when I'm done (I've always believed in dreaming big).

Well, I've cooled down sufficiently in the glorious air conditioned house and consumed multiple glasses of water so I think it's time to head back outside.......the yard isn't going to weed itself....


  1. You go girl!! One thing about big weeds is that when you pull them you have such a WOW factor that it all seems worth while.
    Looks great.