Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

I haven't taken a ton of pictures this week, and in fact haven't done a Wardrobe Wednesday post in a couple of weeks either. Now that Ella is home from school it should be a little easier to get my little photographer to snap some pics.

The sun has finally arrived and it's gloriously hot here...I. love. it. I will not complain about the heat this summer. It took so long to arrive that I'm just plain grateful.

Top: Old Navy
Shorts: Winners
Shoes: G21
Necklace: The Naked Squirrel

I love hats but seldom wear them because I just don't think they look that great on me....this fedora may be the one to change my mind however. It's from Target.

Another hot day and look at those shorts?! They are getting baggy...almost time to go shopping again (13lbs down..woohoo!).

Shirt: DKNY
Shorts: Old Navy
Flip Flops: Old Navy
Necklace: Old Navy

Here's a close up of the hairstyle above. It's an upside down french braid into a bun. Super easy and a little more fun than a bun by itself.

I also tried my hand at a fishtail braid, which I had never done before and I think it turned out pretty well. Fishtails are much easier than they look and so pretty when they're done.

Hope you enjoy! I thought you might also like to check out one of my favourite blogs La Dolce Vita. She is doing a series on modern day style icons starting with Miranda Kerr...check it out here.

Happy Wednesday!

Here's my link up with The Pleated Poppy


  1. I love that second to last hairdo!

    Here's mine for the week if you want to take a peek (Maxis, Lace & Sunglasses):

  2. I love the upside french braid into a bun hairdo! I so wish I could braid!!


    1. It's actually quite easy, just takes a little practice. ;)