Friday, July 19, 2013

Pinspiration Friday

TGIF my friends! I'm looking forward to having Chris home and my parents are coming by for a visit this weekend too...can't wait!

Today's Pinspired project? A DIY Sea Salt Spray for your hair. You know when you go to the beach and swim in the ocean and then let your hair air dry and end up with those great beachy waves? Well that is what this spray will do for you. I'm impressed...and it was very basic/easy to do.

All you need to make the spray is 2 cups of hot water:

2Tbsps of Sea Salt
2tsps of coconut oil
2tsps of hair gel (I had a sample of some Paul Mitchell gel from my last appt and it had exactly 2 tsps in it!)

The original post called for warm water and to mix everything together by shaking it is the bottle but I chose to change that up a little. Sea salt is large and takes a bit to dissolve so I put the water in a kettle and let it get almost to the boiling point and then mixed everything together in a glass measuring cup. The little spout on the cup makes it very easy to pour into the spray bottle (make sure it cools down first!).

Once the mixture is in the bottle you're good to go!

Start spraying your hair. You will need to be quite liberal with the spray...make sure your hair is almost wet. Flip your head over and spray underneath too!

Then just let it air dry in the sun. My hair doesn't hold curl all that well but this actually worked a lot better than I expected. I love the results and would definitely do it again.

Sorry about the super squinty face, the sun was very bright but I wanted to show you the hair in great detail. :)

Hope you enjoyed the post! If there is anything else on Pinterest you've been wondering about be sure to let me know and I'll try it out.

 Have a great weekend!

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