Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beach days and summer dinners

Yesterday's family trek took us to Cherry Point beach. This beach in particular is an excellent place to look for "critters", something my Dad always did with my siblings and I when we were little. I still remember being grossed out when he pretended to eat a little are so gullible.

The weather was beautiful and sunny with a little breeze, and the views of the ocean and mountains in the background made the most gorgeous backdrop.

Marshall isn't a big fan of the wet sticky sand at this beach so he waited on the bench for Chris to come back and rescue him with a shoulder ride.

Jumping over each wave is so much fun. :)

There were sand dollars absolutely everywhere.

 And lots of herons too, there were three working together looking for fish.

There were also crabs everywhere and seagulls dropping clams all over the beach to break them open for a midday snack.

This is the face I get when I ask Marshall to smile for a's always lopsided with one eye closed...kind of reminds me of a pirate...yar.

Then it was back home for a delicious dinner on the deck. 

We started with special drinks for the kiddies (in this case it was lemon sanpellegrino) in fancy glasses.

They were a hit. ;)

And then on to the organic BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and boiled new tasty...everyone was very full by the end.

But not too full for these honey roasted peaches. I found the recipe on The Londoner blog. It's a very simple recipe, and I only made one adjustment and that was to use heavy cream in place of double cream...something we don't have here in Canada.

The smelled devine, and tasted very good too. The only change I would have made would have been to use more honey than I did...they would have been better if they were just a little sweeter.

And finally Chris and I ended the night with a glass of this white wine from Zanatta Winery. It's a local winery and when I stood too long trying to decide which wine I wanted at the liquor store the woman working there came over and suggested this one, saying it sold better than anything else in the entire store. Now that I've tried it I can see why, really tasty and definitely one I would buy again.

Hope you had a great Saturday in the sun too, we're off for a Sunday picnic today!

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