Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A feathered addition

If you've been following my blog for any length of time than you may remember my post about going to a bird auction in search of finches, canaries and the like. If you don't than you can read it here. That post was written at the end of April and I've been keeping my eye out for cages and birds ever since. Well, the stars seemed to line up over the weekend as a brand new ad popped up for bird cages just before I was heading into the neighbouring town and I got a great deal on three canary/finch cages. They were in near brand new condition and very clean. The woman selling them was moving and it just worked out perfectly. I've also been keeping my eye on some Star finches that went on sale at our local pet store at the exact same time and this little guy came to join us:

I am so pleased with my selection. He has the most amazing song and just sings his little heart out all day long. He is set up in a window (out of direct sunlight of course) and I think he's really enjoying being able to see outside. He seems very happy where he's at, enthusiastically bathing in the dish provided and eating his morning greens with great relish (spinach seems to be a favourite). 

I had been hoping to get a pair but the pet store only had two males, and although I did find a female at a different pet store she didn't appear to be in great shape so I didn't want to risk bringing her home to my happy fellow. I'm continuing to search so if you know anyone with Star finches I would love to hear from them. I'm also still on the lookout for Gloster canaries (picture in above linked post), so the same thing goes for them.

There are so many beautiful finches out there I can see how keeping them could be quite addicting.....

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