Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beach days and randoms..

Ah the beach....I love it so much. I could live there in the summer and be perfectly content.
I took the kiddies to Transfer Beach yesterday for a couple of hours and they had a blast. I caught a few rays keeping tabs on Marshall who wants to run back and forth from one area to another....there is just so much to do and see! This however can easily give Mommy a mini heart attack. I do get a bit paranoid at such a busy beach.

The waterpark part of it is excellent for keeping his attention though and he'll stay playing there forever.

Waiting for the bucket of water to turn over...

 The day was just gorgeous..

Now for some randoms...

Love this Nike commercial. I had seen it quite a long time ago and you would not believe how hard it was to find again:

Love this one from Saucony too:

And my very favourite Nike commercial:

I guess this seems a little more like a Motivation Monday post but I really do need the push right now. Staying on track is so hard...but as they say, will power is like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it gets. Mine's a little flabby at the moment.... 

I think I need a goal, that might help me stay on track better. Perhaps a race? Any suggestions for a 5K coming up?

I really want to check out this Beach Fragrance from Bobbi Brown.

I would like to always fly like this please...

Good advice..

This One Pot Pasta from The Londoner looks so easy and delicious.

And a new tune...if you like Coldplay than this will be right up your alley:

Have a great Thursday!

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