Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Plan update and some beauty products I've been loving

One of my biggest issues with eating healthy is that when I go off the rails I tend to go off pretty hard. Occasionally I can pull off one "cheat" day but usually it turns into a week and a half/two weeks before I rein myself in and tentatively step on the scale with my face scrunched up and one eye barely open to see what the dreaded number will be. I have a salt/sugar addiction like most of the population and it's so easy to talk myself into saying...whatever...I've been good for so long that I deserve this. The thing is though, when I eat following The Plan guidelines I don't feel like I'm really missing out. I feel tight, fit, healthy and energized and my face is clear as anything...not a blemish to be seen (one thing I have really found is that if I eat anything with fake cheese...doritos and the like..I break out immediately and very badly). I think it's mostly in my head, this feeling like I'm missing out on all things yummy. It really is junk food and my body practically screams noooooo when I indulge....bloated and puffy, tired and grumpy.
This bad run lasted a week and a half and I gained seven pounds in that time. The good part is that when you get back on The Plan the weight literally falls off. I lost five pounds the first day and two pounds the next which puts me right back at my original thirteen pounds lost. In two days I've gotten back on track and am ready to work on the 547lbs I have left to lose. Kidding... ;) I'm so pleased with the results, my face is well on it's way to clearing back up again and the most important thing...I feel so much better.

Eating like this is delicious..

And it's not all veggies either..I had rice with my steak last night...with butter on it!

One thing that tested my self control a little was going to the movie theatre yesterday and not having any treats. I ate dinner just before I left which I think helped a lot.

I watched World War Z, talk about a thrill ride! This movie starts at 150mph and doesn't slow down the entire time. Here's the trailer:

Now for a few new beauty products I've really been enjoying. I have been wanting a good bronzer brush for awhile and have had to bring a couple that I've purchased back before because they were either poor quality or the bristles were too rough. This is my face and brushes must be gentle, plus hard bristles don't disperse the product well.

I was trying to keep things at a reasonable price too, so sometimes that can be challenging. My search finally ended with this great brush from Ecotools. Super thick, soft bristles with no fallout....perfect! I was a little worried the bristles were too thick and it would end up picking up too much product and I would look like a tanning bed addict but that wasn't the case at all. This is a great brush and cost about $10.

 Another product I have been loving is this leg lotion from Herbacin. A year ago I did a giveaway for their hand lotion which is also wonderful but this leg lotion is new. It's very moisturizing, quick absorbing and has a very nice light scent. It has been a must for my summer legs.

And finally a new face cream. I had never heard of Egyptian Magic before until it came up on a post from The Beauty Department. It contains just six natural ingredients and in the short time I've been using it I have been very impressed. My face feels very hydrated and soft and while you would think putting an oil product on your face would make you just that...oily..that's not the case, it's very fast absorbing. I'm a big fan!

If you try out any of the above products let me know what you think...they are winners for me!


  1. started today to follow your page. Great beauty tips! greets from a Colombian living in Honduras! Viviana Gamboa

    1. Thank you for following Viviana, happy to have you! :)

  2. I too have been using the Egyptian Magic cream for several months. It is fantastic! I use it everywhere - face, hands, feet, body, legs - I just love it!

    1. I've been using it regularly since this post and I'm still loving it, super hydrating and makes my skin feel so soft!

  3. Hi!
    One of my other Anonymous posts didn't post, but I'll just restate it here. Have you tried other natural things? I oil cleanse (wash my face with oil), oil pull, brush my teeth with baking soda, sea salt, peppermint and water mix, and I want to try to wash my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar to condition it. All natural things make me feel better and I understand that the baking soda was not a big hit for you since it did not whiten teeth. Well, it got rid of a thousand chemicals that made me feel like crap, so I will keep on. I use the toothpaste daily so NO, it DOES NOT harm teeth because of abrasiveness. It's less abrasive than Arm and Hammer toothpaste and makes me feel better. You should research it and go for it. Also make your own detergent and cleaning things. Super cool! Anyways, oil cleansing (research for your skin type, my oily skin uses olive oil perfectly while other people it won't work very well) is basic chemistry. Like dissolves like. Oil dissolves oil and hydrates skin again. I love it. No acne here anymore! Lots of red marks left over, but acne is gone!