Friday, March 23, 2012

When babies don't sleep....

Rocking my new BIC Band. :)

Marshall has not been excelling in the sleeping through the night category lately. He initially took much longer than Ella to sleep through the night...MUCH longer. With the move to this house in September he seemed to come leaps and bounds, and boy was it appreciated around here. No more switching off nights for Chris and I to get up, sit with him for half an hour, give him a little snack etc... then back to bed. It's hard having your nights sleep disturbed for so many nights(months!) in a row, almost like he didn't get beyond the little baby stage(or he was seriously pulling the wool over our eyes and just felt like watching the boob tube at 3am.....hmmm....). Anyway, he has been sleeping so well for the last few months that the last three or fours nights have been quite surprising(and tiring...yay Tetley Perk!). I'm hoping that tonight brings a good seven hours, we'll see....
I started sending puppies home today, with the first going this morning, and the second this afternoon, and more will go over the weekend. It is bittersweet to say good bye, this litter took a good deal more work than the average litter and was very physically and emotionally draining. It is sad to say good bye because they are such sweet little things and this litter was bottle fed so I spent many hours with them, but I won't be sad to say good bye to all the poop and play barking. It does make it much easier when you know they are going to the best of homes.
Kiddies are finally in bed, and I think after dog chores are done a nice glass of wine might be in order.....yep, that sounds just about right. ;)