Monday, March 26, 2012

A very eventful Sunday

Yesterday was another gloriously sunny day for our fun family day and I was so thankful. We decided to get out of town and headed to Victoria to take the kids to Cadboro bay to play at the park that Chris used to play at as a kid. His grandparents lived in the Uplands area of Victoria which is close to Cadboro bay and when he would stay with them they would often make trips to the beach. The beach itself is fantastic, big and open with lovely sand(no rocks!). The park itself could use a little love, but it was busy with kids and parents enjoying the sunny weather. I didn't get any pictures because my camera battery was dead and I left my phone in the van. Once the kiddies had played their little hearts out and Marshall was getting a little tired we decided to head to the new Uptown mall to check out the recently opened Noodle Box. Both Chris and I had been wanting to check it out, and the menu looked very yummy.

The layout was fun and modern with a nice selection of food. Chris and I both ordered the combination thai chow mein box to go and I ordered the kids chicken and vegetable box for Ella to try out. The combination box has chicken, pork and prawns in it and is $11.75. If we had ordered only one kind of meat it would have been $9.75. The kids box is made with a light soy sauce and was a hit with Ella for $6.75. Chris also had some chicken wings which is said were just ok. We all loved the boxes though and when I first saw them I thought it didn't seem like that much food for the price but let me tell you those boxes are packed full of food! Chris had his spicy which he said they got just right and I had mine mild as I'm not really into heat. I would definitely go back. My biggest drawback of all was how long it took to get the food, half an hour! Don't go there if you are in any kind of rush.
Once we had our late lunch we made a quick trip to Costco where I picked up a couple of things we needed as well as the book Wheat Belly which I am looking forward to reading. I will let you know what I think when I'm done.
We had just left Costco to head home when the day started going downhill.....our van just suddenly died right before we reached the Malahat(thank goodness!). We could restart it, but then it would just die again. After checking all the fluids etc...we managed to limp it through a construction zone and over to an automotive place where a couple guys were still hanging out after closing. They confirmed what we were suspecting.....the fuel pump.....ugh. We are an hour from home with two little kids on a Sunday when everything is closed. We decided we needed to rent a car because this could take a few days so we called a cab to take us there. After calling around I found the only open rental place was at the airport! It ended being an $80(!!) cab ride to get there. The rental fees for the vehicle were very high thanks to a 25% tax but at least we finally had a vehicle, a brand new(400km) Subaru Outback. We got home to some very grateful to get outside dogs and after putting the kids to bed Chris and I enjoyed an alcoholic beverage. What a day....
Ella is back to school today(woke up crazy early this morning with excitement) and I just got a call from the automotive place saying that it looks like it might just be the fuel FILTER, not the pump..keep your fingers crossed!!

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