Thursday, March 22, 2012

BIC Bands and visiting friends and family

I had a wonderful visit with my friend Lee yesterday. Lee and I seem to go through these big chunks of time where we don't see each other hardly at all but then when we visit again we always pick right up where we left off. It's just so easy. Why do we let it go so long when we always have fun together?? Seems so silly.
Today the kiddies and I packed up and made a day trip to Black Creek to visit my sister in law Mandy and the kids. It was so much fun and Mandy is always the perfect hostess(delicious soup today girl!). Every time I go up there I always wish we saw more of each other(are you sensing a theme here??). It's so important to make time to visit friends and family. Life gets so busy and it often just gets put off...before you know it weeks or months have passed and you haven't seen anyone. It's important to make the effort.
When I arrived home today and picked up the mail I found that my new BIC Bands had arrived! Apparently these band do NOT move. People run marathons in them and rave about how wonderful they are. I have bought countless bands that have ended up in the trash because they are totally useless...slipping back on my head within minutes of putting them on, and I wouldn't dream of working out in them. Ella and I have been wearing these new BIC Bands since we got home and we have been giving them all kinds of tests(jumping up and down and whipping our heads around) and it's completely true! These babies don't move! I love them! Here's the link to check out their website: BIC Bands . Another added bonus of buying these bands?? They donate a portion of their sales to a different charity every month. I got two different bands to try out, a mini black glitter and a skinny gunmetal glitter. There are TONS of different designs so I'm quite sure I will be ordering more. :)

Only three days left and my little Ella goes back to school. I sure have been enjoying having her home, I'll miss her little face around here during the day. Making plans for a little family fun day on Sunday!
Have you heard Taylor Swifts new song called Ours? I'm really diggin' it:Taylor Swift - Ours Lyrics (full) - YouTube


  1. I love that you have promote new things all the time - no slip head bands?! Pretty sure I need one of those. Also, speaking of going to long in between visits... I have a new house that is dying to be filled up with loved ones :)

    1. We would love to see your new place!!

  2. Aww.. you are kind :)
    I always Love having you visit!
    I agree, must see you more! :)
    I may have to try out those bands...