Friday, March 16, 2012

Wal Mart for the win!

Took a trip to Wal Mart with the kiddies yesterday and had a wander through the clothing section where I found this little number. This grey sweater was only $16 and it wasn't even on sale. What a score! I also came home with a shirt to wear under it that I was a little unsure of (remember how hard it is trying on clothes in fitting rooms with small children??) but when I tried it on at home and showed it to my husband he informed me it was a fail(nicely of course because that's the kind of guy he is). I was afraid it made me look pregnant(and isn't that the look everyone is going for these days?) and he agreed. Of course, it could just be my stomach making me look pregnant but we won't go there.....
Sweet little E took the above picture of me. Not bad for a five year old, she loves to take pictures. I think I may even use it as my "before" picture.
In trying to get to the "after" picture I did an ab workout this morning with my Nike Training Club app on my iPhone. If anyone reading this has an iPhone(not sure if it's available on other phones) I highly recommend this app. It's free, you can sync all the workouts to your own music and it kicks your butt! Here's a link to check it out: App Store - Nike Training Club .
Looks like the only time I am going to get a treadmill run in today is this evening so I hope I can get it in at a decent time. Working out too late at night just wakes me up and I can't sleep. Seeing as I am already a night owl by nature this is the last thing I need.
I have a wonderful friend who works for Coty and she stopped by for a quick visit yesterday to see the puppies(she owns the sire) and brought me a new Roberta Cavalli fragrance to try(don't I have the best friends??!). Can't wait to see what it's like.
I'm still trying to figure out the pictures on this blog. I can't seem to put them where I want them, very frustrating. I did however finally figure out how to do live links with a Mac computer and I'm thrilled about that. Now you guys can actually click on the links I post.
The morning started out so sunny and I thought maybe my wishing for sunshine comment yesterday might have worked but no, it's back to rain. I haven't watched the news in ages so I'm not sure of the upcoming weather report, maybe it's better not to know....


  1. I really need an iphone! So many great apps to be discovered. Oh and P.S. I need friends with connections! :) What a great surprise present you got there

    1. I think once you go iPhone you never go back, I love mine!