Monday, March 19, 2012

I think there's a homeless person living in my van

I can't believe how much stuff a family of four can get in to a vehicle and leave there! We have been doing a bit of driving lately so that means packing snacks, diaper bags, stopping for coffee, grabbing the mail on the way by the mailbox etc....somehow all that stuff never seems to make it back out of the van. It just collects there, breeds, and double(triples!) the mess! I can't show you pictures because then I would have to kill you. Suffice it to say that it's bad and cleaning out the van is on my must do list for tomorrow. :S
Once I got all the morning chores out of the way the kiddies and I headed out to Nanaimo to run some errands and see my friend Melissa. Melissa bought a dog from me four years ago and we've kept in close touch. We had fun wandering the mall and then took a Starbucks break to chat. Thanks for the visit Melissa, it was good to catch up!
Heading out the door to Nanaimo. I don't know what I am going to do for pictures when Ella goes back to school.

I have been trying much harder to be careful of what I am eating(Starbucks doesn't count right?? I get mine non fat and half sweet so it's really just getting my daily calcium. ;) ). I did end up going out to dinner last night after cleaning the house like a maniac (who wants to mess it right back up again making dinner??) and I had a Santorini Chicken Salad. It was really good, and I felt full with no draggy I ate too much grease feelings.

A little chicken and a little naan bread were the perfect addition to the salad. Dressing on the side of course.

Had to include a picture of the new Sanuk shoes I bought in Nanaimo today. They are so comfy and lightweight. I decided on the mens as I liked the style much better. The mens has a boxy square toe, while the womans is more oval shaped.

Must run and get a trip to the library in before the kiddies have to go to bed(Daddy's working late tonight). I have several new books in!


  1. Great job on trying to eat better! You and me both sister! Does Chantal have the same shoes???? They're getting awfully popular :)

    1. Thanks! We can do it! :) Chantal has Sanuk's but they're different than these ones.