Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clothes shopping with small children

Yesterday afternoon I decided to make a little trip into town to check out running capris at Sport Chek. I have been running in my Lululemon capris that are about seven years old and I really do need a back up pair of something now that I have made a real commitment to running regularly. First the customer service in this particular store...TERRIBLE. I have two little kids with me(carrying one) and no one so much as came over to ask me if I needed any help. Then I had to track someone down(twice!) to get into a fitting room. I was not impressed.
I gathered up several pairs of capri's and gave them to E to hang on to since she was racing around the store like a maniac and I was hoping it might weigh her down. Once I flagged someone down to let me into a change room I started trying on the five or so different types I had. The Adidas ones were a total bust, ugly and fit weird. Adidas has never been a good brand for me so I'm not sure why I even decided to try them. The Nike ones were quite nice until I looked at the price tag....$80!! Ack! Sticker shock! Not going to happen. Then I tried on two different Under Armour ones and ended up going with these babies: Under Armour | Women's Shatter II Capri Pants | 1221793 | $54.99 CDN | CA . This link doesn't show the colour I got(black with lavender points), but it tells you a bit about them. I have never had compression anything before and I love them! They hold everything nice and tight together, which is awesome because quite frankly who wants to feel jiggly when you are running. I want to feel like a star!
Thankfully I was able to get into a large fitting room with the kids, but all that extra space just gave them more room for shenanigans. While I stood in the middle of the room trying on capri's they proceeded to take off shoes, coats, and socks and chase each other in a circle around me, deaf to my admonitions to be quiet and stop running. When M started to throw his shoes at his sister and finally bloodied his toe I knew it was time to throw in the towel. I gathered both kids, my new capris and headed for the door.
I did manage to get in a run on the treadmill once I got home and put a tired M down for a nap. I have been doing a combination of running(10min mile pace), sprinting(7 min mile pace) with a couple of two min walking recoveries thrown in to rest my legs. I go for about 5km total, working my way up to longer distances and faster paces.
It's a good thing I got in a run because I ate the tuna casserole I made for dinner like it was going out of style! Major pasta belly..... :S The running I have on track..need to work on the diet end of things too.
Pouring rain again today...what I wouldn't give for a little sun. Better than snow though!

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