Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good Morning!

After staying up very late on the phone last night with my poor sister who was having doggie issues I am hanging onto my morning caffeine with both hands! And since we are talking about caffeine I have to put in a little plug about my favourite tea. It's called Tetley Perk and it has just as much caffeine as coffee...I'm in love. Tetley only rolled out this new product in November and so far I have been able to find it at Wal Mart and that's about it. I hope it catches on!
It's another rainy, windy day here on the "wet" coast, and with the threat of snow looming on the horizon I feel a bit thwarted in my attempts to make daughter E's spring break a fun one filled with trips and adventures. My plan had been to go to Victoria today to check out the bug zoo among other things, but after talking to a friend of mine there who informed me the gale force winds had knocked down her fence and pushed a tree down through her friends bedroom(!!) in the middle of the night I have decided to delay our trip just a little bit.
Hopefully things are better by this weekend and we can go ahead with our visit to the Royal BC Museum to see their Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit: . It looks really good.
The kiddies are just finishing up their late breakfast of hashbrowns, and tea(decaf) with fruit and then we should be ready to roll and we can check out a few things closer to home. Once two year old M has reached his limit it will be home for a nap so Mommy can hit the treadmill!
There were so many birds on my feeder this morning that I wanted to take a picture and share it but when I grabbed my camera they suddenly became shy. Only one brave soul decided his picture was worth the yummy seed.....

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