Monday, September 30, 2013

Motivation Monday

I've been hitting it pretty hard this week, running 5k every day but Saturday. It's working too as it's brought my weight loss to 7lbs. That hasn't all been from running of course, it's being very careful with diet as well. The diet is much harder than the running but it's a must. 
The beginning of getting the diet under control is always hard because you're hungry darn it! You're used to eating more and your stomach's wondering what's up. Once you've have three or four days under your belt (haha) it starts to get're stomach expects less and it's demands quiet down. The cravings never go away though and allowing yourself to get too hungry is dangerous.....that's when the gorging happens. I find if I keep myself not quite full all the time, that seems to work best. I'm always just a little bit hungry but not ravenous. If you can keep your diet within those perimeters and throw some hard sweating exercise on top of that you're golden.

Music is key for me to keep running when I want to quit. This Avicii song called Wake Me Up really keeps me going strong.

Any runners out there? What pushes you to hit the pavement?

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  1. Not so much a runner, but a walker (; Mostly the pup gets me out there, but also the need to clear my head. Works every time